Pray for Georgia

Pray for Georgia: Requests for February

Each day, pray for the request for that date and then repeat one each day, if applicable, the remainder of the month. Please remember to join the concert of prayer at 9:00 a.m. and 9:00 p.m. each day.

1. Pray for those leading Children’s Missions Day as they prepare and work on logistics.
2. Pray churches will sign up to bring their children and/or be inspired to do their own Children’s Missions Day.
3. Pray that children and leaders attending Children’s Missions Day will be called to salvation, disciple-making, and full-time missions.
4. Pray for safety and a work of His Spirit during Children’s Missions Day on February 29.
5. Pray that ministries and local communities will be impacted with God’s love and the message of the gospel as a result of Children’s Missions Day.
6. Pray for Marian Evans, CWJC Site Coordinator in Blackshear. She and her husband recently lost their home and all contents in a fire. They have temporary housing. Please pray for them during this difficult season of restoration.
7. Pray for girls and boys involved in RA, GA, and CA to be called to salvation this month.
8. Pray for leaders of Missions Friends to inspire preschoolers to begin listening to God and loving all people.
9. Pray for leaders across our state to be growing in their relationship with Jesus.
10. Pray for our Missionary Parents in Georgia to be encouraged by God’s Spirit today and that their children on the field would have productive Kingdom work.
11. Pray that Georgia women will prepare for Spring Event and encourage others to come with them in April.
12. Pray for wisdom for the staff of Georgia Baptist Women.
13. Pray for protection in travel for the staff of Georgia Baptist Women.
14. Pray for an increase in desire for all of our women across the state to be devoted to prayer and in His Word.
15. Pray for all details to be worked out smoothly regarding the application process for volunteers and mentors.
16. Pray for Lorna Bius as she serves to connect churches to Mission Georgia missions opportunities.
17. Pray for Pinnacle Retreat Center staff as they tackle maintenance issues before the summer camping season.
18. Pray for the Regional Missions Mobilizers on the WMU board as they serve to connect with associational leaders.
Camp Pinnacle:
19. Continue praying now for camper registrations for the 2020 camp season.
20. Pray for the missions focus prep for the 2020 camp season. Pray for M.W. as she writes the culture curriculum about China — that the Lord will lead her to focus on exactly what campers and staffers need to learn and experience this summer.
21. Pray for the 2020 camp season theme plans — for the Teen Devotional writer, and for the Lord to put on Tabitha’s heart exactly what younger campers need to focus on this summer in the devotional.
22. Pray for 2020 camp staff applicants and interviews — that Tabitha will have discernment as she interviews and screens applicants; that Tabitha will place them in the best positions for those girls as well as for the staff as a whole; and that God will continue to put camp on the hearts of Christ-like, missions-minded young women.
23. Pray for creativity in marketing and telling the story of Camp Pinnacle.
24. Pray for the Camp Pinnacle Alumni Association — for God to raise up leaders to serve for 2020 who will make a plan; pray for accountability as well as training in leadership for those roles.
25. Pray for missionaries from East Asia to be available to come to camp so we can have the missions focus well-represented in 2020.

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Pray for Camp Pinnacle, Summer Missions Camp for Girls

      • Pray that the campers and staff will continue growing deeper in their walks with Jesus and answer His call daily.
      • Pray that parents and leaders will be sensitive to what the Holy Spirit is doing in their campers’ life, and know how to continue discipling and encouraging them.
      • Pray that registration will go up so that more girls and teens may hear about the love of Jesus, learn about missions, and be discipled and encouraged in their relationship with Jesus.
      • Ask the Lord to prepare the hearts of the campers AND staff before they come to camp, so that they may be open to what He wants to show them and lead them to do.
      • Pray that the Lord will continue to bless the summer by providing safety and health for all campers and staffers throughout the summer, including no illness, no injuries, good weather, etc.
      • Pray that Karen and others involved in preparing the theme, programs, mission focus, culture, and other camp details will be sensitive and obedient to the Holy Spirit’s direction, and focus on exalting Jesus and creating an environment where girls can experience God.

Christian Women’s/Men’s Job Corps (CWJC/CMJC) serves those living in poverty with a holistic approach, addressing spiritual, physical, and relational needs. Participants are equipped for life and employment through education, job skill training, Bible study, and mentoring.

Download the PDF for CWJC August Requests

Southwest Atlanta CWJC/New Calvary Missionary Baptist Church: Toni Jacob & Reita Bourget, Site Coordinators

      • Pray that we will have an overflow of participants that are ready to make real changes in their lives.
      • Pray for leadership of CWJC of Southwest Atlanta.
      • Pray that the CWJC of Southwest Atlanta house will be completed soon.
      • Pray for business partners that will offer donations, services and employment/internship opportunities for participants.
      • Pray for candidates of the Advisory Council that are willing to be active supporters of CWJC of Southwest Atlanta.

LifeSong Ministries, Inc.: Dolores Evans & Jenny Flowers, Site Coordinators

      • Please pray for God to send those women to us that He wants us to serve at this time & pray for the ones who come to this class.
      • Pray He will raise up more mature Christian women with a heart to serve to coach our ladies.
      • Pray for our coaches.
      • Pray for volunteer staff of: Bonnie- instructor, Jenny- student relations, Judi- coach/mentor chairman, Robin- Computer instructor, Nikki- finance instructor, Christina- Bible Study instructor, & Dolores- site coordinator.

The Storm Shelter CWJC of Monroe: Pam Whitehead, Site Coordinator, One-on-one site

      • Ask God to send us mentors for the women.
      • Pray for the women we will be reaching.
      • Pray that we get the information out to our churches and community about our CWJC effectively.
      • Pray for those preparing to train our mentors.

CWJC of Greater Columbus: Gwen Foster, Site Coordinator

      • Ask God to send more participants for Fall Class.  We want to have a “full” class of 12.
      • Pray for my health and strength and for class room teachers and other volunteers
      • Pray for financial resources to be sufficient for all that God will have us do for this class

The Bridge of Tift County: Martine Hill, Site Coordinator

      • Please pray for God to send participants for our fall class
      • Please pray for our volunteer teachers and mentors as they prepare to minister to our new fall class
      • Please pray for Martine Hill, site coordinator, as she leads the site and cares for ill family members

New site in Blackshear, GA: Marian Evans & Sharon Peacock, Site Coordinators

      • Praise God for His provision in instructors, resources, and encouragement for Marian Evans and Sharon Peacock as they have followed His leading in establishing this new site.
      • Please pray that God will send participants and mentors.
      • Pray for the new instructors as they begin to teach classes on September 1, 2015.
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Project HELP: Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
With increases in school shootings, the prevalence of natural disasters, and veterans returning from war, our society is keenly aware of the suffering produced by trauma. During the years 2014-2016, we will explore Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), a diagnosable mental disorder as classified by the DSM-V. Some key facts about PTSD include the following: PTSD is a diagnosable mental health disorder that must be diagnosed by a professional. PTSD is caused by certain events such as sexual abuse, natural disasters, serious accidents, participating in war, etc. Anyone is susceptible to PTSD after a traumatic event. PTSD is experienced around the world, though women are twice as likely to develop PTSD as men. Some research suggests this is due to the fact that women are more likely to experience interpersonal trauma than men. Please check back for more information about praying for those affected by PTSD.