Please pray between 8 a.m. and 10 a.m. this morning–June 15

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Please pray between 8 a.m. and 10 a.m. this morning–June 15

The June prayer event for families (with a focus on children) is taking place at the Jerusalem Prayer Center in Israel between 8 a.m. and            10 a.m. Eastern time this morning!  Georgia Baptist Women have played a big role in preparing for these monthly events.  Two of our Georgia women–Kayla and Melissa–are leading this time. 




Please pray that the families attending will:

  • experience His Spirit moving and pray together during the event.  Pray this experience will ignite a fire within them to continue praying together at home.
  • have fun learning and experiencing God through prayer.  Pray for Melissa and Kayla as they lead this fun, meaningful time. 
  • be drawn to God’s word.  Kayla and Melissa will do a puppet show during this time based on 1 Samuel 3.  Pray  this experience helps kids see and understand that God is speaking to them, too.  He has a plan for their lives so pray they begin to be expectant children–listening and responding to the voice of God.
  • have conversations about prayer and how God is always listening and speaking to us. 
  • feel refreshed and encouraged as they go through this prayer experience.
  • benefit from the work God has done through Anna and Grace who worked in April to prepare much of what families will experience today.  Thank God right now for Anna and Grace and for their hearts of prayer.

Also, continue to pray for our workers, Larry and Gail, as they provide leadership to the JPC, supervise volunteers, maintain the grounds and facilities, and most importantly have meaningful, spiritual conversations with the many people locally and around the world who come to pray.  Pray no one who sets foot on this property leaves without experiencing God!  Pray for Larry and Gail’s refreshment and encouragement and thank God for giving them His vision for JPC.


  1. I am praying for all the requests. I am thanking God now for all He is going to do today. Praise His holy name!

    • Amen! We know He is Faithful and draws people unto Himself.

  2. Our VBS Kids prayed this past week. We are at Briarwood where Kayla grew up. Praying for these young women and JPC

    • Thank you, Beverly, for directing your kids at Briarwood to focus on conversations with the One true God. Wow! Their prayers to Him on behalf of Kayla and Melissa and JPC will have eternal consequences.

  3. Praying!

    Mary Lynn Chitty

    • Thank you, Mary Lynn!

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