March: Spring Event Prayer Guide

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March: Spring Event Prayer Guide

We invite you to join women from across the state in praying for our 2013 Georgia Baptist Women’s Spring Event at Callaway Gardens, April 19-20.  Attached you will find a daily prayer guide to assist you in praying.  This year’s prayer guide has been written by Mary Laughman, State WMU President and Prayer Coordinator.  Please feel free to share this guide with other praying women in your church.

As a result of Ezekiel’s obedience to do as God commanded Him, ‘Breath came into the dead bodies, they became Alive, standing on their feet as an exceedingly great army’ (Ezekiel 37:10).

On another occasion, we read the words from John 3:8 where Jesus was talking to Nicodemus about being born again and Jesus explained that the Holy Spirit is like the wind – you can’t see Him, but you do see the results of His presence.  Jesus is telling Nicodemus that the Holy Spirit is the same Breath that came into the dead bodies of Ezekiel 37:10 causing them to become Alive.  As a believer, the Holy Spirit has made us Alive in Christ.  However, sometimes we need a fresh wind of His presence to blow through us reminding us of His presence with us, His anointing on us, and His power in us.  As we pray these 21 days, let’s prepare our hearts and minds to experience a fresh wind of the Holy Spirit to blow through us and all attending the 2013 Georgia Baptist Women’s Spring Event at Callaway Gardens on April 19-20.     


Alive – A fresh wind of ‘quiet, alertness, and submission’ as we Pray  

March 28 – As you begin to pray, follow the example of Jesus by departing to some quiet place, asking God to remove anything that would hinder you hearing Him speak, confessing anything He brings to mind and submitting obediently to the voice of the Holy Spirit as He leads you to pray.  


Alive – A fresh wind of ‘strength and patience’ as we Prepare  

March 29 – Pray for our Georgia WMU&WEM administrative staff (Joyce Cutchins, Ellen Eklund, Anglia Arledge) as they work together to prepare and complete the many details that are necessary to ensure that all goes smoothly at Callaway.  Continue to pray for them as they carry out their many tasks at Callaway and encourage and thank them for a ‘job well done’.  

March 30 – Pray for the staff at Callaway as they prepare for our visit and as they host us during the weekend.  Pray for a special calmness amidst all the activity and that all who attend will be patient and exhibit a spirit of love and appreciation for their efforts to service our needs. 

March 31 – Pray for Jane Bishop, our Spring Event coordinator, as she works through all the logistics with the Georgia WMU&WEM staff and Callaway staff and that all will be seamless during the weekend.

Pray also for the men who will be setting up and operating the Audio/Visual needs during our times of worship together.  Pray for a smooth set-up and no equipment failures so that all who attend will be able to see and hear clearly.

April 1 – Pray for our Georgia WMU&WEM staff (Barbara Curnutt, Beth Ann Williams and Karen Pace) and Mary Laughman as they complete the many programming preparations and especially for the Holy Spirit to prepare them spiritually to be used to glorify God during our time together.  Pray that God will keep each of them physically strong before and during the weekend.


Alive – A fresh wind of ‘energy and the sweet aroma of Christ’ as we Serve   

April 2 – Pray for a special blessing of creativity and energy for members of our WMU Executive Board and volunteers who will be using their gifts and talents to serve others prior to and throughout the weekend; Carolyn Junkins with the Interactive Prayer Room; Dianne Taylor providing gift baskets for program guests; Glenda McDugald and Linda Bidez collecting items for 900 registration packets; Dorothy Fox as she hosts the hospitality room for program guests; Betty Baskin and her ladies as they fill the registration bags.   

April 3 – Pray for the sweet aroma of Christ to be visible on members of our WMU Executive Board and volunteers who will be serving as Ushers during our worship sessions (Linda Buckalew, Judith Bland, Brenda Woodard, Cindy Schaeffner, Faye O’Dell, Patsy Pirkle, Tom McDugald, Glenda McDugald).

April 4 – Pray for the gift of hospitality to overflow from members of our WMU Executive Board and volunteers who will be ensuring that everyone is directed successfully to conferences and meals (Margie Sance’, Ruth Christian, Sandra Rice, Peggy Jo Boyles, Sandra Burns, Deborah Tedder, Jackie Hardy, Judy McCracken). 

April 5 – Praise God for all the WMU&WEM staff, Executive Board, and volunteers who are willing to give of their time serving to welcome and ensure that everyone attending has a great experience.  Give thanks to God for those helping with registration (Cathy Dennis, Lynn Larsen, Cindy McCall, Lisa Thompson), transportation, and all the many ‘behind the scenes’ tasks and responsibilities that often go unnoticed (except to God). 


Alive – A fresh wind of ‘anointing and filling of the Holy Spirit’ as we Worship

April 6 – Pray for a special anointing on Esther Burroughs as God prepares her to share with us His words of truth, challenge and commitment during each session.  Pray for all to come to be prepared to hear what God has to say through Esther and to be obedient to His leading.  Pray that our hearts will come Alive as the Holy Spirit speaks.

April 7 – Pray for Jami Smith as she prepares to lead each worship session in music – pray that God will orchestrate the music with our hearts as we praise and worship Him together.   Pray that our desire will be to ask the Holy Spirit to Breathe on each of us as we come before His presence with singing. 

April 8 – Pray for David Franklin as he takes us to the throne of God in each worship session sharing principles of prayer and personal experiences of answered prayer.  Pray that all of our hearts will be stirred to become more active in partnering with God in prayer as He desires to unleash His power ‘on earth as it is in heaven’. 

April 9 – Pray for our missionary speakers (Kay Bennett, Lorna Bius, and Ruth) as they share their stories in ministry and missions during our worship sessions.  Ask that God will use their stories to inform and encourage us of what God is doing in His world today.  Pray that commitments will be made as the Holy Spirit leads individuals to be on mission for Him. 


Alive – A fresh wind of ‘attentiveness and understanding’ as we listen and Learn  

April 10 – Pray today for special times with God as He speaks to and prepares each of our conference leaders (Nik & Ruth, Frances Worthington, Kay Bennett, Shelly Johns, Anne Leavell Collingsworth, Lorna Bius, Annette Hall, Natalie Flake, David George, Linda Johnson, Jim Haskell, David Franklin, Rusty Stanley, Beth Ann Williams, Ellen Eklund).  Pray that each one attending the conferences will come with an eagerness to hear and learn.


April 11 – Pray for special times of interaction and interest as attendees visit the various displays set up by all those who will be sharing their various ministries.  Praise God today for those who partner with us to encourage and involve others in the mission and ministry of God. 

April 12 – Pray for all attendees to listen attentively as they attend conferences and learn truths, concepts, etc. that will assist them in the ministry where God has called them to serve.  

April 13 – Pray that every experience will be a learning time as we interact with each other and especially as we listen to what the Holy Spirit is saying.  Pray that each individual will have an opportunity to spend some time alone with God during the weekend to meditate and process all they have seen and heard. 


Alive – A fresh wind of ‘love and joy’ as we Fellowship

April 14 – Pray that the love of Christ will overflow abundantly all weekend and that there will be special times of sharing and praying together.  Pray that these times will be a ‘time of rejoicing’ for everyone.

April 15 – Pray for those times during the weekend (during breaks, meals, evenings) when we can share stories, catch up with old friends, make new friends and enjoy spending time together.  Pray for a peace and calmness in each heart that knows all is taken care of at home while they are away.     

April 16 – Pray for the times of fellowship as we shop the Lifeway Bookstore, as we are able to share conversation with program guests during book signings, etc.  Pray that each one will take every opportunity they can to engage in conversation as we fellowship and enjoy each other.

Alive – A fresh wind of ‘the Holy Spirit’ as we Go Home

April 17 – Pray that as we leave to go home that each person will have experienced a fresh wind of the Holy Spirit and will commit to a deeper, more intimate relationship with God as they realize that the Holy Spirit has made us Alive in Christ  for Him and His glory.  

As we pray and prepare for our time together at Callaway, meditate and take to heart the words of this song written by Daniel Iverson:

Spirit of the living God,
Fall fresh on me;
Spirit of the living God,
Fall fresh on me;
Break me, melt me, mold me, fill me.
Spirit of the living God,
Fall fresh on me.

Download the Spring Event Prayer Guide

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