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‘One in Prayer’ is the Georgia WMU&WEM web-based prayer initiative to equip and encourage a more effective individual and corporate praying life as we provide monthly prayer focus, thoughts, resources, and prayer requests. A weekly reminder, devotion and prayer will be sent every Monday morning to all who subscribe.

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Homepage – The homepage for One in Prayer consists of:

  • One in Prayer logo – Click on the logo anytime to return to the homepage.
  • Menu – Click on the menu choices to access various pages and information on the website.
  • Scripture reference and summary of verses for Acts 4:23-32.
  • Gray Facebook icon – Click on the icon to access the Georgia Baptist Women Facebook fan page.
  • Rotators & Callout Boxes – Click the rotating images or one of the three callout boxes at the end of the homepage for information about the Week of Prayer and our two prayer partnerships.
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Menu Option #1 – Home

  • Click here to return the homepage

Menu Option #2 – This Month’s Focus

  • Click here to read a monthly blog with each post focusing on a different attribute or person of prayer.

Menu Option #3 – Resources

  • Books – Click on the book images to learn more about each book and how to order.
  • Studies – Click on the study images to learn more about each book and how to order.
  • Websites – Click on the web links to learn more about each online resource.
  • Ideas – Click on the Pinterest links to learn more about ideas for prayer related to missions and ministry.

Menu Option #4 – Listening and Responding to God

  • Click here to read blog posts about the various attributes of God found in Scripture.

Menu Option #5 – Prayer Requests

  • Communties – Learn about prayerwalking non-Christian houses of religion in your community.
  • *Churches – Learn about developing a prayer partnership with church plants in Atlanta.
  • Georgia – View prayer requests for our state-level needs.
  • North America – View prayer requests for our North American missionaries and ministry partners across the United States.
  • *ISRAEL – Learn more about joining Georgia Baptist Women in intercession for Israel.
  • Peoples of the World – Access links for people groups across the world.  Each link takes users to a webpage with specific, regional prayer requests.

Menu Option #6 – Urgent Requests

  • Click here to pray for urgent needs of missionaries. This blog is updated in real-time and subscribers are urged to pray ‘now’ when notifications are sent to their email addresses regarding these requests.

Menu Option #7 – Call to Prayer

  • Click here to read a weekly devotional blog from Georgia WMU State Prayer Coordinator, Mary Laughman

Menu Option #8 – Help

  • Click here to view and download instructions for navigating

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About One in Prayer Blogs

  • Each blog post has a ‘Read More’ link beside it. Click on this link to read the full post.
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How to Subscribe

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*Join us in our prayer partnerships with Atlanta church planters and the nation of Israel. Contact Georgia WMU State Prayer Coordinator, Mary Laughman at, to get involved.

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