Call to Prayer for October 30, 2017

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Call to Prayer for October 30, 2017

‘Fruit of the Spirit … Meekness’ (thoughts shared by Karen Pace, Consultant for Georgia WMU/WEM)–Isn’t it interesting how differently we all see things?  Even among believers, views can be drastically different.  It is funny how a word like meekness (poor, afflicted, humble) is a weakness to some or a point of bragging to others–causing arrogance!  When we look to God’s Word, His Spirit is teaching truth, revealing sin, encouraging obedience, affirming the activity of God and more.  As we end our focus this month on meekness, Psalm 25:9 speaks of meekness as who we are— “He leads the humble in justice, and He teaches the humble His way.”  (NASB) His Word is where we should always turn to know and understand Him and His ways. 

Meekness is a quality identifying who we are as believers—or at least who we should be.  It’s a position of strength because it puts us right at the mercy of God.  Humility says, “I have no chance of surviving, understanding, or even being forgiven except for God.”  David was a mighty warrior, full of strength and power, courageous (at times), yet understood the strength of meekness as it led to his total dependence on God. 

God instructs the humble in justice and teaches the afflicted His ways.  I love that our meekness puts us in a position to really be instructed by God!  He is looking to instruct us and teach us His ways. 

Today and throughout this week, meditate on Psalm 25 and Psalm 69.  Consider:

  1. Making lists or notes related to what you notice about God and what you notice about yourself.
  2. What do you need to change? How do you need to rely on God?
  3. Pray these Scriptures over your life and the lives of others.
  4. How does seeing meekness as our position in Him affect your outlook on your circumstances?

Prayer:  Lord, I pray as each person reads and applies Your Word that You will help the humble see You and be glad.  Lord, in our meekness, revive our hearts as we seek You.  In seeking You, our hearts truly live.

Downloadable pdf  post for 10.30.2017 meekness

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