Call to Prayer for January 1, 2018

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Call to Prayer for January 1, 2018

As we begin 2018, we have the opportunity of new beginnings, new opportunities, new relationships, new experiences – God is always surprising us with His amazing presence and blessings as we journey through each new year – pray with me that 2018 will be one of those years that will amaze us as we open our hearts and hands to all God has prepared for those who love Him.


The following was originally posted on 1/4/16 and I wanted to share it with you again as we begin 2018:


‘The Gift of Another Year’ – The gifts have all been given and unwrapped, the trees and decorations (mostly) put away, the parties and holiday events are no longer on our calendars – all of this has now been stored as wonderful memories of another Christmas with family and friends.  Now we have been blessed with the gift of another year – new experiences, hopes, and dreams.  Only God knows what the future holds for each of us in 2016 (now 2018) – but we can be assured that no matter what we experience this coming year, we can trust God to walk with us every step of the way.  He reminds us in Jeremiah 29:11 that He ‘knows the plans He has for us – plans for our welfare, not for disaster, to give us a hope and a future’.  We find great comfort as we read this scripture but the next verse (Jeremiah 29:12) is just as important – ‘You will seek Me and find me when you search for Me with all your heart’.  God wants to be a part of all of our plans for this New Year.   He knows the plans He has for us and wants us to include Him in our plans – hopefully His plans become our plans.


As we begin this year, let’s thank God for the gift of time that He’s given us – let’s ask for wisdom to use this year to bring glory to Him and use each day doing what He wants us to do.  Following is a poem written by Helen Steiner Rice that reminds us of the precious gift of time and how we should use it:


We stand once more on the threshold of a shining and unblemished year,

Untouched yet by time and frustration, unclouded by failure and fear . . .

How will we use the days of this year and the time God has placed in our hands?

Will we waste the minutes and squander the hours, leaving ‘no prints behind in time’s sands’ . . .

Will we vainly complain that life is so swift, that we haven’t the time to do good,

Our days are too crowded; our hours are too short to do all the things we should . . .

We say we would pray if we just had the time, and be kind to all those in need,

But we live in a world of planned progress and our national password is speed . . .

God, grant us the grace as another year starts to use all the hours of our days,

Not for our own selfish interests and our own willful, often-wrong ways . . .

But teach us to take time for praying and to find time for listening to You

So each day is spent well and wisely doing what You most want us to do.’


My Prayer for you this week: ‘Father, thank You for blessings during this past year and for promised hope and blessings for the new year.  Help us to take time to spend praying and listening to You as You show us Your plans for each day.  Remind us that You have given us each day to worship You – to serve You as we serve others – to always bring You glory.  We pray for wisdom to know Your plans for our lives and for strength to walk through this world knowing that You walk with us every step of the way.  May our lives be a reflection of Your light and love that will draw others to know You.   In Jesus’ Name, Amen! 


Let’s continue joining together in our concert of prayer as we intercede for our friends and workers in Israel and surrounding countries.  For more information on how you can partner with us in praying for Israel, go to the tab ‘Prayer Requests’ and scroll down to select ‘Pray for Israel’.


Mary Laughman, Georgia WMU Prayer Coordinator  


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